mercredi 18 octobre 2017

Participation in Epinal 2017

Dear breeding friends, the first European Championship organized by the Orpington Club of France in collaboration with the Société d'Épinal will have 803 orpingtons subjects including 503 GR and 300 RN as well as 26 Orpington duck. We are delighted with your participation, and we are pleased that everyone has made an effort to register Orpingtons to this Championship. Thank you again for your trust. We will have as participating nation: Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and France. A European Championship is an opportunity to meet our foreign colleagues in order to share our common passion because we are convinced that it is neither the number of prizes to win nor how much money we will win that matters, but to make a passion that we love and never giving up ! We will all be gathering in Épinal for a great Orpington party, which will also allow us to try to harmonize certain Orpington criteria in order to achieve the same goal : having the best Orpingtons.
For everyone ! It's still possible to register Orpingtons untill sunday the 22th of october, send your registration to :
See you soon and the best win !!

mardi 25 avril 2017

The European Championship of Orpington

Championnat d'Europe de l'Orpington - Epinal 2017
The European Championship of Orpington - Epinal 2017
Dear Orpington's breeders, the Orpington Club de France is organizing this year on 25 and 26 November in Epinal the European Championship of Orpington under the patronage of the European Entente (EE). The Orpington Club de France also organizes its French Championship of the Orpington. We aim for 1000 orpingtons large and bantam altogether. This weekend is organized the European Championship of the Silk Hen and the Domestic Duck (Apadom) as well as that of the Belgian Hare. Our championship already has nine participating nations (Germany - Denmark - Belgium - Holland - Italy - Hungary - Romania - Switzerland and France). We have the participation of a dozen judges of six different nationalities. 

This championship is open to any breeder wishing to participate in this great festival of Orpington and to confront the best breeders in Europe. 
See you soon