Orpington Club de France

L'Orpington Club de France, reborn in 2010 under the impulse of a few passionate breeders. Breeders who were use to work together. L'orpington Club de France has today  hundred members.His mission is :
- To be an intermediary with the technical bodies of the french aviculture. Proposing improvements of the standard of the breed and proposing anf following homologations of new varieties.
- Disseminate informations on a technical periodical newsletter and also via a website : ( Facebook,  Google+ and  Youtube) ;
- organizing, the french championship , once a year ;
- organizing, the european Orpington Championship in his country (2017) ;
- organizing, thanks to the intermediary of local society several regional championships each year;
- organizing, travel for its members to orpingtons championships in other European countries ;
- organizing, once a year a technical day.

Société d’Aviculture Vosgienne

The second club is  Société d’Aviculture Vosgienne hosting this event in Epinal. This club has been working since 1960s at the preservation of ancient breeds and the poultry animation in the Vosges . It organizes a large salon in Epinal every year, but also year-round groupings and technical days under the supervision of official judges to improve the level of its breeders / members. The club cooperates with the Central Poultry Breeding Company and its technical bodies, as well as with the European authorities.
The Vosges Poultry Company is responsible for a part of the logistics of the European championship.

Entente Européenne (EE)

The European Entente was founded in 1938. As an organization of public utility, the EE has set itself the task of bringing together all the European organizations of small animal breeding. The association is interested, with all its members, in technical problems related to the breeding of indigenous breeds of small animals but the aspect of exhibitions and appreciation of animals is very much supported within this organization . One of the objectives of the EE is the application by judges in a uniform way, of the standards for the European races. France is a member of the EE through the Central Aviculture Society of France (SCAF) and is inclined to have the decisions taken by the EE adopted by the different technical bodies of France.
The European Entente supports the organization of the European Championship of the Orpington.

People involved in the organization 

Stéphane Desmette, Président of the Orpington of France.
Philippe Royer Vice-President of the Orpington Club of France, communication (website, face book... and food taster !!!).
Xavier Cruet, treasurer of the Orpington Club de France.
Pascal  Rummelin President of the Société d’Aviculture Vosgienne.
Jean-Paul Carrier Commissary general of the show.

Nationals Clubs who have announce their participation

In alphabetical order

Belgium : Nederlandse Sussex Orpington Dorking Club -
Denmark : Landsklubben pour orpington -
France : Orpington Club de France -
Germany : SV Deutscher Orpingtonzüchter (Large) -
Germany : SV Zwerg-Orpington (Bantam) -
Great Britain: The Orpington club -
Holland : Nederlandse Sussex Orpington Dorking Club -
Hungary : Orpington club Hongrie -
Italy : Club Italiano  della Orpington e della Sussex -